Question – Discuss the impact of Russian Revolution of 1917 on Russiaand the world.

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Question – Discuss the impact of Russian Revolution of 1917 on Russiaand the world. – 10 May 

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The fall of Czarist regime in Russia in February 1917 and the events of occurred in October month are commonly known as the Russian Revolution. The Bolshevik Party led by Lenin formed the government in Russia through the October Revolution of 1917.

Effect on Russia:

  • End of autocratic and reactionary monarchy.
  • Withdrawal of Russia from First World War.
  • Development of Planned Economy in Russia.
  • Improvement in standard of living of farmers and laborers.
  • Economic and Industrial development of Russia.
  • Changes in the status of Russian women.

Global effect:

  • Communist ideas spread in the world and communist governments were established in several countries.
  • The introduction of economic planning system in the economy.
  • Increase in labor movements and establishment of labor organizations in many countries such as the establishment of ILO.
  • Development of new attitude towards workers and an effort to ensure fair distribution of their wages.
  • The division of the world into two blocks and the beginning of the Cold War.


Although the totalitarian culture spread in Russia after the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917, the Bolshevik Revolution truly established a labor government in Russia. It established a new order in Russia in which was neither exploitative nor exploited.

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