Question – Describe the impact of World War II on colonies globally.

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Question – Describe the impact of World War II on colonies globally. – 17 May 20

Answer –  

The Second World War was a total war. It was more devastating than the First World War and had a worldwide impact. World War II gave rise to some such reasons that encouraged emancipation of colonies.

Effect of Second World War on colonies:

  • The imperialist powers were weakened after World War II. As a result, many colonies began to become independent.
  • The spirit of democracy, human rights and freedom deeply affected the people of the colony. Due to this, the national movement accelerated first in Asian countries, then in African countries also.
  • After the establishment of the United Nations, the emphasis was laid on emancipation of colonies. The United Nations also appealed to the imperialist powers to liberate their colonies.
  • Colonial emancipation was also encouraged by Soviet Russia and the United States. The United States also pressured the imperialist nations of Europe to liberate their colonies.
  • The ‘Third World’ emerged after the Second World War and as a result of colonial emancipation. The ‘Third World’ means those newly independent Asian, African and Latin American nations who wanted to maintain their existence separately from the Western capitalist countries and the socialist countries. The Non-Aligned Movement was started by these nations.


Thus, we can see that the Second World War had a positive impact in the context of the colonies which not only paved the way for the emergence of the ‘Third World’, but also a counterbalancing force in the Non-Aligned Movement.

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