Public view on Uniform Civil Code : Law Commission

Public view on Uniform Civil Code: Law Commission

The 22nd Law Commission wants to know the opinion of public and religious organizations on Uniform Civil Code (UCC).

The 22nd Law Commission will comprehensively re-evaluate the UCC in the light of its importance and several court judgements. This will ensure a thorough investigation of the subject.

Earlier in 2016, the Ministry of Law and Justice had directed the Law Commission to examine all matters relating to the implementation of the UCC. In the context of this direction, the Law Commission submitted a consultation paper on Reform of Family Law in 2018.

Views in Consultation Paper:

  • UCC is “neither necessary, nor desirable at this stage”.
  • It suggested that the existing family laws should be amended and codified.
  • This will deal with the discrimination and inequality present in personal laws.
  • Uniform Civil Code (UCC) is a single law that applies to all citizens in their personal matters (such as marriage, divorce, adoption and inheritance).
  • Its objective is to change the system of different personal laws existing in the country. These laws currently govern interfaith relations and related matters within different religious communities.
  • It comes under Article-44 (Directive Principles of State Policy) of the Constitution. According to this article, the state shall endeavor to enforce a uniform civil code for the citizens throughout the territory of India.

Source – The Hindu

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