Project Arth Ganga

Project Arth Ganga

Recently ‘Earth Ganga’ has been declared as a new model of the government for the sustainable development of the river.

‘Arth Ganga’ implies a sustainable development model with a focus on economic activities related to Ganga.

PM Modi first introduced the concept during the first National Ganga Council meeting in Kanpur in 2019, where he urged for a shift from Namami Gange to the model of Arth Ganga.Project Arth Ganga

According to experts, the Arth Ganga is an acknowledgment of the fact that the river cannot be rejuvenated by pollution abatement measures alone.

It focuses on the sustainable development of the Ganga and its surrounding areas through economic activities related to the river.

The initiative is striving to “contribute at least 3% to GDP from the Ganges basin itself” only. At the same time, it will also help in fulfilling the commitment of India’s Sustainable Development Goal.

Six components of Earth Ganga-

  1. Zero Budget Natural Farming: Under this, chemical-free farming within kilometer radius on both sides of the river and use of cow dung as manure is being promoted through Govardhan Yojana.
  2. Reuse and monetization of silt and waste water: Use of treated water for irrigation and in industries is being promoted. This will provide additional source of revenue to the Urban Local Bodies (ULBs).
  3. Creating livelihood opportunities.
  4. Promoting public participation by increasing linkages between riverine stakeholders.
  5. To promote the cultural heritage and tourism of Ganga.
  6. Institutional building is being promoted by empowering the local administration. This will ensure better water administration.

Source – The Hindu

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