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Guaranteed matching question in UPSC exam

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7 Horrible Mistakes you are making by not joining UPSC/IAS Test Series

DEMO TEST PAPERS (Questions & Answer in Both English & Hindi)

Do you know 81% of the students suffer from these 8 problems in UPSC/IAS/PCS test series

Following a Proper Test Schedule.

Repeat of Test Series.

Discussion Class Only with One Subject Expert.

Hindi & English Translation Issue.

Incomplete Syllabus Coverage.

No Sectional Test.

Test Environment Classrooms.

Score & Rank Updation is Weak.

The biggest problem with the UPSC/IAS test series, and how you can fix it!

7 Reasons why you should invest in UPSC/IAS test series by youth destination

Flexible test timings are available.

Full Syllabus Coverage of UPSC/IAS Exams with UPSC/IAS level Questions.

Test are Divided into Sections So that Students can Assess their performance in Depth.

Use Elemination technique in the IAS Exam optous of the questions can also be done by the Aspirant.

Test are Conducted in Classroom/Examination hall Environment.

Repeat of test Series will be provided to the student. It will include score Subject wise & Evaluation Against topper.

Following a Paper Schedule + Paper Test Schedule.

DEMO TEST PAPERS (Questions & Answer in Both English & Hindi)

Why it is easier to succeed with test series for UPSC/IAS than you might think

Do you think that to clear the UPSC/IAS exam, only a good knowledge is sufficient. No it’s not! It’s not like other competitive exams; for instance- SSC, IBPS, PGT, CTET or DSSSB. You will have to care a lot for this exam. Be familiar with the questions which are frequently asked.

-With the help of a test series For UPSC , You can also learn how to answer a question for which  you are doubtful.

-To join a quality mock test series will really help you to know the exam pattern, difficulty level of the questions so that you can crack the Prelims exam. You can also see the standard of the questions of UPSC/CSE.

-you can’t see the answer sheet of other competitors. Then how will you judge yourself among all of them? A ‘Pan India competition’ will help you. This will make it easy for you to know your rank in all India rankings.

– Some students are not unable to crack even the prelims exam while they possess a lot of knowledge. Reason is quite clear!! Lack of practice! Yes it is really easier to get success in civil services examination when you enrol yourself in a quality mock test series for UPSC and to feel the atmosphere and pressure of the actual exam.

– If you secure a score above 130+, you can expect high to clear the prelims exam.  In future this can be more than it because the competition is rising higher day by day. There is not any magic to score more in limited time for UPSC/IAS exam. But solving more mock tests regularly can really help you. How important the Prelims test series is, you can see in the interview of any UPSC topper.

-Some concepts create problems in understanding. Mock test series help you to understand these in a more comprehensive way. You can also get some similar questions in the actual civil service exam.

 it is better to learn things in a systematic way. In starting read some basic NCERTs books. Prepare yourself in concept building. After this join mock test series. The level of difficulty of the Mock test For UPSC should be the equal to the actual exam.  So that you can feel the nerve of exam. Frequency and flexibility of the Prelims test series help you to move one step ahead on the ladder of UPSC/IAS.

So Guys!! Join a quality mock test series today. Solve these test series regularly. It provides you a full length test to make your writing speed more accurate and faster. 


 that you can cover your syllabus in time. Making time table will help you to do quality study.

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