Polar Lights (aurora polaris) a Natural phenomenon

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The solar flare generated on the Sun gave rise to a magnetic storm, which has been observed in high latitudes and polar regions (Polar Lights). Solar flares are highly energetic events that occur inside the solar sunspots.

  • Solar spots are areas that appear as dark spots on the surface of the Sun. They are cooler than other parts of the Sun’s surface due to the effect of the Sun’s magnetic flux.
  • In a solar flare, the energy stored in the Sun’s magnetic structures is converted into light and thermal energy. This causes the emission of high-energy X-ray radiation and the expulsion of highly accelerated charged particles from the Sun’s surface.
  • Sometimes solar flares also cause hot plasma to eject from the Sun, causing solar storms. This process is called coronal mass ejection (CME).

The energy and radiation emitted by solar flames and high energy particles can affect the following:

  • These can affect the electronics inside the satellites and the astronauts etc.
  • These can cause power grid failure and affect oil pipelines and deep-sea cables.

Phenomena of Polar Lights :

The phenomenon of polar lights is caused by the interaction of energetic particles (electrons and protons) of the solar wind with the atoms of the upper atmosphere. This phenomenon is mainly observed in the high latitudes of both the hemispheres. The polar flame of the northern latitude is known as the Aurora Borealis or the north polar flame. The polar flame of the southern latitudes is known as Aurora Australis or the south polar flame.

Source – The Hindu

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