PM Narendra Modi Unveils National Emblem

PM Narendra Modi Unveils National Emblem

Recently, the Prime Minister has unveiled the National Emblem. It has been installed on top of the newly constructed Parliament House.

The concept sketch and process of casting of the national emblem on the roof of the new Parliament building has gone through eight different stages of preparation from clay modelling and computer graphics to bronze casting and polishing.

National Emblem

  • The emblem of India is a simulation of lion figures on the top of the Ashoka Pillar at Sarnath, which is preserved in the Sarnath museum. It was adopted as the ‘National Emblem’ of India on 26 January 1950.
  • The motto Satyameva Jayate is engraved in Devanagari script below the lion figures on the top. It means “Truth Triumphs”. This motto is part of the symbol.
  • It was chosen by contemporary India as a symbol of reaffirmation of its ancient commitment to world peace and harmony.

History of National Emblem

  • The original pillar of the Ashoka Pillar has four lions at the top, with their backs facing each other.
  • Below it are erected sculptures of an elephant in a wallari, a horse in a quartet, a bull and a lion on top of a bell-shaped padam, with chakras in the middle.
  • ‘Dharmachakra’ is placed on top of this lion pillar made by cutting a single stone.


According to Buddhist interpretations, the animal images engraved in the Ashoka Pillar represent different stages of Buddha’s life. Whereas, according to non-religious interpretations- that the four lions at the top in the original pillar represent the reign of Emperor Ashoka in the four geographical directions, while the ‘wheel’ denotes the enlightened reign of Ashoka.

Source – PIB

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