Oxfam’s report “Tightening the Net”

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Oxfam’s report “Tightening the Net”

Oxfam’s report “Tightening the Net”

Recently a report on climate change was released which said that net zero carbon targets alone may not be enough to tackle climate change.

  • Oxfam’s ‘Tightening the Net’ report described that the ‘net zero’ carbon targets announced by several countries, including the United Kingdom, the United States and China, appear to be a deterring factor from the priority to cut carbon emissions.
  • ‘Net zero’ emissions are referred to as carbon neutrality. This can be achieved only when anthropogenic emissions of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere over a specified period are balanced through human elimination.
  • It is also possible for a country to have negative emissions if absorption and elimination exceed actual emissions (e.g., – Bhutan).
  • Some of the strategies to achieve carbon neutrality can be such as – use of renewable energy in the power sector (the largest source of CO2 emissions), carbon capture, use and storage (CCUS) etc.

Challenges related to Net Zero goals:

  • These allow various nations and corporations to continue polluting.
  • Many Net Zero goals are vague and insufficiently defined.
  • These goals are completely impossible depending on unproven new technologies or the level of land use (mainly afforestation).
  • The total land size required for planned carbon removal could possibly be five times that of the Indian landmass.

Source – The Hindu

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