Operation Kaveri : India starts evacuating citizens from Sudan

Operation Kaveri : India starts evacuating citizens from Sudan

Recently, on April 24, the Central Government has started ‘Operation Kaveri’ to evacuate about 3,000 Indian citizens stranded in Sudan.

  • The situation in the capital Khartoum has become dire due to fierce fighting between the country’s army and paramilitary forces at various places in Sudan in the last several days.
  • A patrol vessel of the Indian Navy, INS Sumedha, is already waiting at Port Sudan and is likely to take the civilians to Jeddah in Saudi Arabia.
  • Two C-130J transport aircraft of the Indian Air Force (IAF) are on standby in Jeddah to fly to India. Port Sudan is approximately 850 km from Khartoum, the capital of Sudan.
  • Significantly, the Kaveri River is one of the major Indian rivers flowing through the southern states of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. This river is sacred in South India and is worshiped as Goddess Kaveri Amma (Mother Kaveri).

Other operations

  • More than a year ago, the Indian government launched ‘Operation Ganga’ to evacuate Indian students from Ukraine amid the conflict with Russia. The Ganges, like the Kaveri, is not only a source of vast water resources, but is also worshiped in India.
  • At the same time, the rescue operation launched by India during the Taliban attack in Afghanistan was named ‘Operation Devi Shakti’.

Source – The Hindu

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