Online UPSC preparation in remote areas of India

The IAS exam is considered one of the toughest competitive exams in the country. 

The toughness level of the UPSC exam was not so high a few years ago but now the way in which candidates are preparing has drastically changed. Online coaching for UPSC has become a new trend in the 21st century. All information is available with just a click. To start IAS preparation, aspirants just have access to the internet and smart devices. You not only save a lot of time but also attend coaching classes from the comfort of your home while depending on online UPSC classes.

Online preparation will be more beneficial or is it the right mode of coaching or how can I prepare for the UPSC exam online? These are the common questions that candidates ask again and again. In this article, we will help you discover everything about how online classes might help you. Although there is no ready-made path to succeed in the IAS exam, only consistent practice is the key to success. No coaching institute or classes can ensure your success until you put in the effort. 

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Some candidates find online IAS coaching useful to crack the exam. Moreover, you can always get a suggestion or customize your study plan according to your requirements. Ultimately, the final decision is yours. 

Online coaching is very popular these days but it creates a lot of confusion among candidates. Online UPSC coaching is preferred by many aspirants due to interactive audio and video sessions. Fortunately, online classes are advantageous in remote areas because they can’t go for classroom coaching but there may be a problem with connectivity.

Why it is important to focus on UPSC preparation in rural areas

There are a number of aspirants who appear for the civil service exam everywhere and a lot of them come from remote areas. Therefore, online preparation has become a major tool in preparation for the IAS exam. Online UPSC preparation is a much-needed key for them as they have to face a lot of challenges in their study.


Access to quality education is a major problem for IAS exam preparation in remote areas. Some coaching institutes might exist but they need to go outside for a good quality of education and teaching. There is a shortage of trend professionals for UPSC so quality becomes a major challenge.


Candidates belonging to remote areas have another setback named poverty. They cannot pay a large fee for coaching classes. Most likely, candidates prepare to study at home but they have no guidance at all. But a little guidance is a must otherwise the efforts get wasted. Not every candidate can manage only self-study and their own understanding. Online coaching is very helpful if parents are not able to send their children to a coaching institute.

Linguistic barriers

Most candidates study their basics and secondary schooling in their native language. 

They are able to speak either their native language or Hindi. Most standard books for UPSC are in English and they don’t know how to speak English. There are two language papers one in the Indian language and one in general English in the UPSC main examination.

It is compulsory to clear these two papers otherwise his other papers will not be evaluated. Therefore if a candidate tries to study in his own language, he may face problems.

Lack of transportation

Most villages have poor connectivity with the cities that are harmful to UPSC coaching classes. They do not have proper means of transportation from one place to another. That is why students are not able to copy their studies in spite of their efforts. Walking miles to take coaching is not a solution to all the problems of studies.

So if you are not cannot afford the fees of civil service coaching or you live in remote areas or you are not able to access preparation material for the IAS exam or you want self-preparation without attending any coaching classes or you prefer doorstep study then online UPSC preparation is a one-stop solution for you.

Benefits of taking up online coaching for UPSC exam

Online IAS coaching is available in abundance and candidates may be confused with a lot of information. You must always focus on the syllabus while preparing for the UPSC exam. If you don’t select the right study material, you will only end up in confusion so take care of this point while finalizing online coaching for the IAS exam. Moreover, pick the course which has already gained trust among candidates. You need to study smartly along with hard work. Keep yourself on the safer side and don’t get into trouble with too much information.

Focus on self-study

There is no one to guide your exam preparation in online classes. Here, candidates have to depend on the self-study routine so they must be careful not to neglect the strict study timetable.

In reality, experts have proved that self-study is the best way to prepare for the IAS exam. If you are disciplined enough then it is the most effective technique for studying. It helps you to identify your strengths and weaknesses so that you can plan a perfect strategy and focus on weak areas. Furthermore, you can study at the pace at which you are comfortable.

Excellent study materials

There will be no shortage of study materials. Online courses provide plenty of study material at an affordable price. This study material is drafted by subject matter experts and is near to perfection.


Generally, online IAS courses are available free of cost. You will have to pay a small amount in some cases. There are many reputed online platforms that offer IAS programs free of cost. Moreover, you will have the option to buy only what you want. For example, if you want to purchase only mock tests then you can pay only for them.

It depends upon the requirement of the candidate therefore it is an economical way to prepare for the Civil exam.

Why  online coaching is important

Delhi has become a hub for UPSC candidates but a large number of candidates are not able to reach out to the urban areas moving to these hubs does not guarantee success at all.

Success in the UPSC exam is an outcome of the resourceful study one does. Of course, the right guidance is essential so if you come from a rural place then don’t worry about moving to a better place. You can prepare for exams from anywhere with the internet revolution. Candidates living in remote areas take the advantage of online UPSC coaching. It is the right time for rural areas to start utilizing this facility. This facility not only helps you to engage in videos for everything but you can watch the video whenever you want and wherever you want. Traditional classroom coaching does not provide this facility.

Online UPSC courses provide high-quality teaching materials for example interactive videos, discussion platforms and high-quality notes from experienced faculty members.

The study material is available easily and you can read it even on mobile phones.

Today online coaching actually stands to be better than a conventional classroom.

Online coaching provides improved information about content and learning approaches. A little better approach is needed to cover the vast syllabus of UPSC.

Online preparation promotes the development of skills such as communication, problem-solving, critical thinking, collaboration and creativity that are required for the IAS exam.

Make sure you are enrolling in good online coaching that suits your needs.

Don’t get disheartened by the unavailability of books from coaching institutes in your area. Online UPSC coaching compensates for it very adequately. So join online coaching and execute your studies accordingly. There would be no one to stop you from preparing for this exam.

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