One Ocean Summit

One Ocean Summit

At the recent One Ocean Summit, UNESCO has pledged to measure at least 80 percent of sea level by 2030.

At the One Ocean Summit, UNESCO has announced that at least 80 percent of the sea level will be measured by the year 2030. At present, only 20 percent of the seabed has been measured. Sea-level measurement is also called seabed imaging. It is the measurement of the depth of water in a water body.

Bathymetric survey measures the depth of a water body. It also measures the underwater topography.

In the year 2017, UNESCO along with the ‘Nippon Foundation’ launched the “Seabed 2030 Project”. It is a private sector foundation of Japan.

The goal of this project is to prepare a definitive map of the global ocean floor and make it available to all by the year 2030. For this all available bathymetric data will be integrated.

Importance of Sea Level Mapping:

  • This helps to understand the position of the fault in the ocean, and the working of ocean currents and waves. It also provides information on the transport of sediment.
  • The population can be protected by anticipating seismic and tsunami hazards.
  • It identifies natural sites that need to be protected.
  • Identifies fish resources for sustainable exploitation.
  • Helps in planning the construction of offshore infrastructure. This helps in dealing effectively with disasters like oil spills, air accidents and ship crashes.

About One Ocean Summit

  • The conference was organized by France (as chair of the Council of the European Union) in collaboration with the United Nations and the World Bank.
  • The aim of this conference is to protect and support healthy and sustainable marine ecosystems. For this, this conference is aimed at uniting the international community to take concrete action in this direction.

Source – The Hindu

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