One District One Product Scheme

Under the One District One Product scheme, the Government of Uttar Pradesh will include ‘golden tubers’ in hot-cooked food under the Anganwadi schemes and Mid-Day Meal Scheme in primary schools. It is a tasty and nutritious tuber like orange-fleshy sweet potato.

Benefit : One District One Product Scheme

This will help in the production of horticultural items and provide better nutrition to the school children.


  • The ‘One Districts One Product’ scheme is basically a Japanese business development concept. It gained a lot of fame in the year 1979.
  • Its objective is to promote the core and competitive product of that region to improve the standard of living of the local population in a particular area. Over time, this concept has also been applied in other Asian countries.

Key points:

As part of the initial phase of the ‘One District One Product’ program, 106 products have been identified from 103 districts in 27 states. The State Export Promotion Committee and the District Export Promotion Committee have been formed in all the states and districts of India except West Bengal.

“One District-One Product” Scheme:

  • One District-One Product scheme was first introduced by the Government of Uttar Pradesh.
  • The objective of the scheme is to provide incentives to the traditional industries, which are synonymous with the respective districts in the state.
  • The goal of ‘One District One Product’ is to increase production, productivity and income, conservation and development of local crafts, promotion of art, improvement in product quality and skill development.

The main objectives of the ‘One district-One product’ scheme of Uttar Pradesh:

  • Preservation and development of local crafts/skills and promotion of arts;
  • Increase in income and local employment;
  • Improvement in product quality and skill development;
  • Transforming products in an artistic way (through packaging, branding);
  • Connecting production to tourism (live demos and sales outlets – gifts and souvenirs);
  • Resolving issues of economic disparity and regional imbalances.

Source – PIB

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