Ocean Rewilding

Ocean Rewilding

The draft may be submitted for Ocean Revival in the recently held COP For this, a group of 86 European organizations are working collectively to find ways to revive the Earth’s marine life.


  • Rewilding means restoring a natural unaffected state. In this, animals or plant species that have been destroyed in an area are restored. Similarly ‘Ocean Rewilding’ refers to the restoration of species of plants and animals in the oceans again and to allow them to progress without human intervention.

Why is Ocean Revival Important?

  • Today, oceans have lost their characteristic of storing ‘Blue Carbon’. The carbon collected by coastal systems and oceans is called ‘Blue Carbon’. This is more than the carbon captured by the land.

Bio Restore Project

  • It is an Ocean Rewilding project started in 2012 by France. It aims to restore coastal fish populations. Under this program, more than 80 species of fish have been reintroduced in the French Mediterranean.

Sea Grass Restoration Project

  • The project was launched by the UK in It is also an Ocean Revolving project. Under this project, eight different seagrasses will be planted on the southern coast of England.

Carbon Sequestration

  • It is an artificial process by which carbon dioxide is removed from the atmosphere and held in liquid or solid form.


  • The United Nations will host the upcoming COP-26 in Glasgow. It will bring the parties together to accelerate the goals of the Paris Agreement and the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.

Source – The Hindu

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