Annual Study on Ocean Heating “Ocean Heat Content”

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Annual Study on Ocean Heating “Ocean Heat Content”

According to a study, coastal communities should be alert as ocean warming is at record levels in the year 2021.

According to the recent annual study on ocean warming “Ocean Heat Content”:

The world’s oceans underwent record warming in 2021, according to a new report. The upper 2,000 metres of the ocean absorbed 235 zettajoules (ZJ) of heat in 2021 relative to the 1981-2010 average, according to the analysis published in the Advances in Atmospheric Sciences journal.

Ocean Warming:

  • Most of the warming in the oceans is due to the absorption of greenhouse gases. This causes an increase in sea temperature.
  • Ocean warming is a better indicator of climate crisis than air temperature. This is because natural cycles such as El-Nino and La-Nina play a relatively limited role in ocean warming.
  • Oceans generate heat during El -Nino. This leads to an increase in global warming. The oceans receive heat during La- Nina.
  • This heat gets stored in the depths of the ocean from the surface.

Effects of ocean warming

  • Rapid melting of ice and rising water temperatures will lead to sea level rise.
  • There will be more destructive storms and cyclones. Rainfall will also increase and the risk of floods will also remain.
  • Sea water will be divided into levels according to different water densities.
  • The organisms living in the ocean will be greatly affected, as there will be very little oxygen reaching the depths.

What can be done to reduce ocean warming?

  • Rising ocean temperatures should be included in climate risk assessment, adaptation and mitigation processes. Net-zero carbon emissions should be achieved as soon as possible.
  • The mitigation goals set by the Paris Agreement need to be achieved. Marine protected areas should be established and adaptive measures should be taken.

Source – The Hindu

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