NITI Aayog Organizes National Workshop on Bamboo Development Mission

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All the components related to bamboo value chain were obtained by the participants through this workshop. The bamboo value chain includes planting, production, processing, standardization and utilization.

Bamboo is a fast growing grass. It usually looks like a wood. It is found in tropical, sub-tropical and mild temperate regions.

In terms of bamboo diversity, India ranks second and China ranks first.

Benefits of bamboo cultivation:

  • This conserves water. It reduces the evaporation of water from the surface.
  • It has a special ability to repair and improve the damaged soil. Hence it is an ideal option to regenerate degraded soil.

Uses of Bamboo:

It is used in construction materials, agricultural equipment, furniture, musical instruments, food items, handicrafts, large bamboo based industries (paper pulp, rayon etc.), packaging etc.

Measures taken to promote bamboo cultivation

  • 22 bamboo clusters have been set up in 9 states for planting and raising nursery and for development of bamboo related products.
  • The restructured National Bamboo Mission was launched in the year 2018-19 for holistic development of the entire value chain of the sector.
  • The Indian Forest Act 1927 has been amended in the year 2017 to remove bamboo from the definition of a tree. Thus, now there is no need to obtain permission for harvesting and transporting bamboo grown outside the forest.

Source – The Hindu

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