NITI Aayog Organizes National Workshop on Bamboo Development Mission

NITI Aayog Organizes National Workshop on Bamboo Development Mission

All the components related to bamboo value chain were obtained by the participants through this workshop. The bamboo value chain includes planting, production, processing, standardization and utilization.

Bamboo is a fast growing grass. It usually looks like a wood. It is found in tropical, sub-tropical and mild temperate regions.

In terms of bamboo diversity, India ranks second and China ranks first.

Benefits of bamboo cultivation:

  • This conserves water. It reduces the evaporation of water from the surface.
  • It has a special ability to repair and improve the damaged soil. Hence it is an ideal option to regenerate degraded soil.

Uses of Bamboo:

It is used in construction materials, agricultural equipment, furniture, musical instruments, food items, handicrafts, large bamboo based industries (paper pulp, rayon etc.), packaging etc.

Measures taken to promote bamboo cultivation

  • 22 bamboo clusters have been set up in 9 states for planting and raising nursery and for development of bamboo related products.
  • The restructured National Bamboo Mission was launched in the year 2018-19 for holistic development of the entire value chain of the sector.
  • The Indian Forest Act 1927 has been amended in the year 2017 to remove bamboo from the definition of a tree. Thus, now there is no need to obtain permission for harvesting and transporting bamboo grown outside the forest.

Source – The Hindu

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