New Fruit Fly Species Euphrantasiruvani was Discovered (Firefly)

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New fruit fly species Euphrantasiruvani was discovered (Firefly)

New fruit fly species Euphrantasiruvani was discovered (Firefly)

New fruit fly species Euphrantasiruvani was discovered, Firefly, 15 jan 2021, करंट अफेयर्स, हिन्दी करंट अफेयर्स, जैव विविधता,पर्यावरण, जैव विविधता,पर्यावरण, न्यू फ्रूटफ्लाई प्रजाति ‘युफ्रंटा सिरुवानी’ की खोज की गयी, न्यू फ्रूटफ्लाई
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  • Recently, researchers have discovered a new species of fruit fly (a variety of insect) from Coimbatore district, Tamil Nadu. This new species has been found near the ecological hotspot, Siruvani in the Western Ghats. So this species is named ‘Euphrantasiruvani’ (Firefly).
  • This new fly species belongs to the family Tephritidae (Firefly).

Important Point Euphrantasiruvani (Firefly)

  • It is distinguished from other species of Euphranta by a ‘V’ shaped black band on the fruit fly wings. This fruit fly lays eggs in fruits. More information about this species has not been found yet.
  • The fruit fly is named ‘EuphrantaSiruvani’ (Firefly) after the ecological hot-spot Siruvani of Tamil Nadu.
  • According to the researcher, ‘104 known species are belonging to the genus Euphranta’ which are spread around the world. 14 of these species are found in India.
  • Scientists in their research have found that this new species of fruit fly differs from other flies in its class.
  • A black stripe is seen on the wings of the EuphrantaSiruvani and it has a major sub-band associated with the Epic Black Patch.
  • It lays eggs in fruits and its larvae receive nourishment from the pulp within the fruit.
  • Scientists are not fully aware of its life cycle.


  • Along with the fruit fly, S. Manikavasagam and Shankaraman of Annamalai University have discovered a new firefly species from the Siruvani region.
  • This species belongs to the Mymaridae family and is named ‘OmyomymarHayati’. It is named after AMU’s Prof Mohammed Hayat.

Source – The Hindu


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