New Big 5 projects

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New Big 5 projects

  • Recently an international initiative called ‘New Big 5 Projects’ has been launched by more than 250 wildlife photographers, conservationists and wildlife organizations of the world.
  • The methodology of this initiative has been designed by British photographer Graeme Green.


  • To raise awareness about the crises faced by the world’s wildlife, such as the destruction of their habitats, human-wildlife conflicts, poaching, illegal wildlife trade and climate change, etc.
  • Under this project, animals with more than 50,000 votes of wildlife lovers will be listed.
  • Currently under this project, 5 animals, elephants, polar bears, gorillas, tigers and lions have been designated.
  • All five of these large animals are keystone species, which are essential for the balance of nature for their habitats, biodiversity ecosystems, and the survival of other species, including humans.

Source – The Hindu

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