Nesher Ramla homo type

Nesher Ramla homo type

Nesher Ramla homo type

Recently researchers in Israel have identified an unidentified ancient human, this human lived with the existing human species about 100,000 years ago.


  • Researchers say that this relic found from the city of Ramla represents one of the ‘last remaining’ remains of a very ancient human group.
  • In this discovery, researchers have found a partial skull and jaw of a person, which was present between 140,000 and 120,000 years ago.
  • Scientific analysis of these revealed that the person whose remains have been discovered does not completely match Homo sapiens i.e. modern human.
  • In addition, their characteristics are not entirely similar to those of Neanderthal humans, which were the only other human species to inhabit the area at the time.
  • Rather, this species was also present between the two other human species, which have not yet been identified by modern science.
  • Based on its analysis, it can be said that in ancient times interbreeding between different Homo species was a relatively common process.

Source: The Hindu




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