National Strategy for Robotics (NSR)

National Strategy for Robotics (NSR)

Recently the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) in India has released a draft of “National Strategy for Robotics” (NSR).

It aims to strengthen the innovation cycle of robotic technology, and establish India as a global robotics leader by 2030.

This is in line with the Make in India 2.0 plan. It includes robotics as a main sub-sector. ‘Ministry of Information Technology, Ministry of Technology’ will be the implementing agency for this strategy. There will be a two-tier institutional structure for implementation.

Classification of robots as per National Robotics Strategy: Industrial robots, service robots and medical robots.

The following four key areas have been identified for the strategy to prioritize robotics automation:

  • Manufacturing: Logistics and warehousing automation, process streamlining, etc.
  • Health care service: surgical robots, telemedicine field etc.
  • Agriculture: Crop care, spot spraying of herbicides etc.
  • National Security: Combat robots, detection of landmines etc.

Current Challenges:

  • The pace of adoption of robotics technology is not satisfactory,
  • Adequate skills are not available in robotics sector in India,
  • There is a lack of cooperation between different sectors,
  • There are also ethical concerns, such as privacy violations,
  • There is no separate law for the field of robotics etc.


  • A strong regulatory framework should be created under the leadership of the Robotics Innovation Unit.
  • To promote educational initiatives like Atal Tinkering Labs.
  • Encourage advanced technology companies to “Make in India”. There is a need to implement Centers of Excellence system in this area also.
  • This should include private sector partners who have prepared their designs or prototypes on experimental basis.
  • Regulatory sandboxes should be ensured. Also, robotics industrial sector should be developed.
  • Start-ups need to be provided advisory support. In addition, the research capacity of higher educational institutions should also be utilised.

Robotics in India:

  • According to the World Robotics Report for the year 2022, India ranks 10th globally in terms of annual industrial installation of robots.
  • The stock of industrial robots operating in India has more than doubled between 2016 and 2021.

Source – Business Standard

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