National Science Technology and Innovation Policy 2020

National Science Technology and Innovation Policy 2020

The 5th National Science Technology and Innovation Policy, 2020 has been released by the Department of Science and Technology. This policy will replace the Science Technology and Innovation Policy 2013.

The objectives of this policy:

To identify and explore the strengths and weaknesses of the Indian science technology and innovation ecosystem to inspire the socio-economic development of the country, also make the Indian science, technology, and innovation ecosystem globally competitive.

Important provisions of the draft:

Gender Equality:

The policy said that at least 30% representation of women should be ensured in all decision-making bodies. Also, ‘spousal benefits’ should be provided to scientists associated with the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, cure (LGBT +) community.

Caring for children and the elderly:

The policy proposes to make childcare without gender discrimination and to make working hours flexible. Apart from this, sufficient leave has been proposed for parents for maternity, childbirth, and proper care of the child properly.

For handicapped:

This policy favors “structural and cultural change” for their inclusion in all public-funded scientific institutions to assist people with disabilities.

Other related provisions:

  • In cases related to selection, promotion, award, or grant, age-related relaxation should be made the basis of ‘age at educational level’ and not ‘Gender age limit’.
  • Remove the limitation of married couples working together in the same department or laboratory as employees.
  • Till now married couples could not work in the same department, due to which there are cases of leaving employment or when a colleague decides to get married, she is transferred without her consent.
  • Open Science Policy (One Nation, One Subscription): It has been proposed to make available scientific knowledge and data to all, which will make it possible to buy a bulk of all important scientific journals globally, also, their free access to all will be possible in India as well.
  • Establish a science, technology, and innovation observatory that will serve as the central repository of all types of data related to scientific research in the country.

Research and education:

  • It proposes to establish an Education Research Center (Educational Research Center) and Collaborative Research Center (Collective Research Center) to provide research input to policymakers and bring stakeholders together.
  • The relevance of the Research and Innovation Excellence Framework aims to boost engagement with stakeholders as well as enhance the quality of research.

To strengthen India’s strategic position:

  • This policy will help India achieve technically self-reliant status among the top three scientific superpowers in the coming decade.
  • Establish a strategic technology board that will connect all strategic government departments and monitor and recommends technologies to be purchased or manufactured indigenously.

Source : PIB

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