NASA’s VIPER Mission

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NASA’s VIPER Mission

Year 2023 NASA has announced the launch of a mission named Volatiles Investigating Polar Exploration Rover  VIPER Mission.

The objective of launching this mission by NASA is to find out whether human life on the Moon is possible using locally available resources?

About mission:

  • VIPER is a kind of mobile robot that will be sent to another celestial body, to map its resources.
  • NASA’s Commercial Lunar Payload Services (CLPS) will provide the launch vehicle and lander for this 100-day mission.

Mission Objectives:

  • To explore the South Pole region of the Moon.
  • Help to map the resources available on the Moon.
  • Estimating the concentration of water as well as other potential resources on the surface of the Moon.

Mission Importance:

Findings from ‘Wyper’ will help determine the sites for future landing sites under the “Artemis program” where water and other life-sustaining resources can be used for astronauts during their stay.

Source – The Hindu

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