NASA will send two robotic missions to Venus

NASA will send two robotic missions to Venus

Recently, the US space agency NASA has announced that its two new robotic missions ‘Davinci+’ and ‘Veritas’ mission to Venus will investigate the atmosphere and geological features of Venus.


It should be noted that before this, in the year 1990, the Magellan Orbiter was sent for the last time to the planet Venus.

Key points

  • Both these missions will be launched between the year 2028 and the year It should be noted that after 30 years, through these two missions, there has been an opportunity to investigate the planet Venus.
  • Both these missions are being sent with the aim of understanding that how the surface of Venus is capable of melting ‘lead’ and how this planet became a distorted and dangerous world.

DaVinci+ Mission

  • Davinci+ stands for ‘Deep Atmosphere Venus Investigation of Noble Gases, Chemistry, and Imaging’ mission.
  • This mission will study the atmosphere of Venus to collect information about the formation and evolution of the planet Venus. Through this mission it will also be found out whether there ever was an ocean on the planet Venus or not.

Veritas Mission

  • The Veritas mission stands for Venus Emissivity, Radio Science, InSAR, Topography, and Spectroscopy.
  • It will map the surface of Venus to understand the geologic history of Venus. It will discover how Venus evolved separately from Earth. It will use radar to check the height of the surface and find out whether volcanoes and earthquakes are currently occurring or not.


Venus is the hottest planet in the solar system, its surface temperature is 500 °C, at this temperature lead (Hg) can be melted. It is the second closest planet to the Sun.

Source: The Hindu

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