MTP Amendment Act, 2021

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MTP Amendment Act, 2021

Recently the Central Government has notified the rules for implementation of MEDICAL TERMINATION OF PREGNANCY: MTP Amendment Act, 2021

This Act amends the MTP Act of 1971. This Act regulates the condition under which medical termination of pregnancy is carried out.

The MTP (Amendment) Act, 2021 was passed by the Parliament in March 2021.

Key Amendment:

The upper limit for termination of pregnancy has been increased from the previous 20 weeks gestation period to 24 weeks subject to the following conditions-

Now Opinion of one Registered Medical Practitioner (RMP) is required for abortion within 20 weeks of pregnancy and 2 Registered Medical Practitioner’s consultation for abortion between 20-24 weeks. Earlier, consultation of 1 RMPs was required for abortion up to 12 weeks and 2 RMPs for abortion up to 12-20 weeks.

The powers and functions of the State Level Medical Board (established by Act of the year 2021) have been defined to allow or deny termination of pregnancy beyond 24 weeks in cases of substantial abnormalities in the fetus.


The new law will contribute to ending preventable maternal mortality to help meet Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 3.1, 3.7 and 5.6.

The amendments will increase women’s access and scope to safe abortion services and ensure dignity, autonomy, privacy and justice for women who need to terminate a pregnancy.

Source – PIB

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