Ministry of Coal has set up Mission Coking Coal (MCC)

Ministry of Coal has set up Mission Coking Coal (MCC)

Recently the Ministry of Coal has set up Mission Coking Coal (MCC).

The Mission Coking Coal (MCC) is based on the recommendations of the Inter-Ministerial Committee constituted to formulate a strategy for increasing the production of coking coal in India.

Coking refers to the ability of coal to be converted into coke. It is a pure form of carbon. It can be used in ordinary oxygen furnaces.

Coking coal is used in the manufacture of steel by blast furnace.

Domestic coking coal is a coal producing high ash content (between 18% – 49%). It is not suitable for direct use in Blast furnace. Hence, it is mixed with imported coking coal (9% ash).

Objective of Mission Coking Coal (MCC) –

  • Preparation of action plan for increasing the production and utilization of domestic coking coal.
  • Adoption of new technologies.
  • Allocation of coking coal blocks for private sector development.
  • Setting up of new coking coal washeries, increasing R&D activities and improving quality standards.
  • It helps to boost production and strengthen domestic capabilities. This will make it possible to reduce imports and strengthen the concept of self-reliant India.
  • About 50 metric tonnes of coking coal is imported by the country on an annual basis. The value of imported coking coal in the financial year 2020-21 was Rs 45,435 crore.

Source – The Hindu

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