The key to give a successful CSE attempt depends on Smart Studying and Simple Technique applications. Keeping this in mind, We introduce to you, this section on Mindmap For UPSC. Prepared by our team of experts, this segment will offer you the opportunity to learn key concepts and topics through visualization and info graphs. – Youth Destination 

“Simplicity boils down to two steps: Identify the essential. Eliminate the rest.”– Leo Babauta


A mindmap is a pictorial representation of topics in a diagrammatic flowchart or tabular structure. This hierarchical organized set depicts relevant topics for CSE; these infographs will be designed to cover the static portion of G.S like Polity, Geography, History, Economics, Culture, Environment, Ethics, Science and Technology (G.S subjects) and dynamic portion from Current Affairs.

Features of our Mindmaps For IAS

  1. Each node will only feature important points which will help candidates recall interconnected topics as well.
  2. Each node will feature less words; the point of a mindmap is to remove the hassle of studying long paragraphs – hence our team of experts ensures that the material for it is put in after analysis for minimum words to get a maximum impact.
  3. They will feature images if and when necessary; Images have known to be helpful in memory retention of data and information.
  4. Mindmaps will be based on W5H technique; to gain a better insight into a topic, our team of experts concentrates on decoding the Why, What, Where, When, Who and How of the topic – this is helpful in the breakdown of the topic into a simpler form for better understanding and better retention.
  5. Our Mindmaps programme is designed in the manner to make you enjoy the benefit of repeated revisions. Interlinking of various topics will ensure that spaced repetition is provided to our candidates, on relevant & hot topics.(Mindmap)

Why is a Mindmap necessary?

  1. Mindmaps have proven to be good technique for getting a big picture analysis of a topic which is useful for total revision in a short time span.
  2. Like a popular saying goes, A picture is better than a thousand words, Mindmaps can help candidates to understand the core ideas and essential points needed in getting an in depth understanding of dynamic or static topic in a short space as well; this means that candidates do not have to suffer the hassle of bulky notes as well.
  3. In today’s rapidly changing technologically driven world, it is necessary to adopt new and smarter techniques. Mindmaps is one of those techniques. With use of color based content, imagery etc- mindmaps have proven to retain the attention of the reader for a considerable more amount of time in turn resulting in better retention of the topic in the candidate’s memory
  4. Mindmaps will help in simplification of a complex topic, as it is broken down point wise and in accordance to relevance. It also provides linkages between various topics as well.
  5. As it follows a structure based approach, Mindmaps are hassle free for readers, useful for candidates, something which is missing from the traditional large paragraphs printed about a certain topic on Mindmaps.

Our Mindmaps are of an Interactive nature which will provide you with an active learning experience and make studying non-tedious. Topics will be updated for both Current Affairs and Static portion of the General Studies, keeping in mind the relevancy of the topic in future and frequently asked previous years’ topics from p.y.q as well. Our Mindmaps will not use complex terms and words, just to look eye catching but rather will focus on helping the candidates to understand complex ideas in a simple way.

Our Mind Map

GS Paper 1 Mindmap

In this segment you will get all important mind map of all topics

GS Paper 4 Mindmap

In this segment you will get all important mind map of all topics & concept and quotes

Yojana and Kurukshetra

In this segment you will get all important mind map of yojana and kurukshetra topics ​

GS paper 2 Mindmap

In this segment you will get all important mind map of all topics & dynamics topic

Current Affairs Mindmap

In this segment you will get all important mind map of important scheme, project and very hot topics.

Strategy Mindmap

In this segment you will get all important mind map related to strategy , time management

GS paper 3 Mindmap

In this segment you will get all important mind map of all topics & economic survey & budget

Prelims Mindmap

In this segment you will get all important mind map of facts and figure of all gs topics ​


In this segment you will get all important issue in the form of info graphic ​

Ask Us Anything

The Civil Services Examination (CSE) comprises of two successive stages: the Civil Services (Preliminary) Examination (CSP) and the Civil Services (Main) Examination (Written and Interview).

(i) An attempt at a Preliminary Examination shall be taken as an attempt at the Civil Services Examination. (ii) If a candidate actually appears in any one paper in the Preliminary Examination, it shall be taken as an attempt at the Examination. (iii) Notwithstanding the disqualification/ cancellation of candidature, the fact of appearance of the candidate at the Examination will count as an attempt.

The candidate must hold a degree of any of Universities incorporated by an Act of the Central or State Legislature in India or any other educational institution established by an Act of Parliament or declared to be deemed as a University under Section-3 of the University Grants Commission Act, 1956, or possess an equivalent qualification.

Marks obtained by the candidates for the Papers I-VII only will be counted for merit ranking (of those candidates who obtain the specified minimum marks in the qualifying papers). However, the Commission has the discretion to fix qualifying marks in any or all of these papers.

No, the Candidates have the option to write their answers either in English or in any one of the Eighth Schedule languages except the Qualifying Language papers Paper-A and Paper-B, which they have indicated at the time of filling up of their online application form for the Civil Service (Preliminary) Examination.

The minimum qualifying standards in each of the two Qualifying Papers i.e. English and Indian Languages is indicated in the Examination Rules, is at present 25%.

No. The evaluation standards/ moderation for a Paper are not medium specific. In other words, if the Rules of the Exam provide that a Paper can be written in any of, say, English/ Hindi/ a recognized Indian language, then the medium in which a candidate writes the Paper will not be a factor in determining evaluation standards or the moderation to be applied.

No. Before evaluation, the Roll No. written on every answer book is detached and computer-based randomized fictitious code no. is given. At no stage of the evaluation process (including the moderation stage) is the actual Roll No./ identity of the candidate known to any of the Examiners/ officials associated in the process.

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