Military Coup in Myanmar

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Military Coup in Myanmar

Military Coup in Myanmar

Military Coup in Myanmar, 2 feb 2021, करंट अफेयर्स, हिन्दी करंट अफेयर्स, अंतर्राष्ट्रीय संबंध, म्यांमार में सेना द्वारा तख्तापलट
Military Coup in Myanmar – Current Affairs


  • The democratically elected government of “Aung san suukyi” has been overthrown by the Myanmar army and ”Aung San SuuKyi” has been arrested by the military.
  • The leaders have been detained in the face of allegations of ‘electoral fraud’.
  • The arrest of SuuKyi and leaders of the National League of Democracy is a repeat of the events of 30 years ago for India.
  • However, India’s response is likely to be different this time. India is a supporter of democracy in Myanmar, but can not afford to oppose the military coup yet, as India’s security ties with Myanmar’s military have intensified, and India considers it as a safe weapon from insurgent groups in the north-eastern borders.
  • SuuKyi failed to stop brutalizing with Rohingya community, so her image has been tarnished during her tenure.
  • India has invested in a number of infrastructure and development projects in Myanmar. India sees these projects as ‘gateways to ASEAN countries and the East’.For example: India-Myanmar-Thailand trilateral highway and Kaladan multi-modal transit transport network, a Special Economic Zone project on the Sittwe Deep Water Port.
  • In addition, India is still expected to help for settle the issue of Rohingya refugees migrating to Bangladesh, and would like to continue talks with the Myanmar government on the subject. Some Rohingya refugees have also migrated to India.

Myanmar’s military constitution:

  • A constitution was drafted by the military in Myanmar in the year 2008, and a suspicious referendum was held in April this year.
  • This constitution was a ‘roadmap to democracy’ drafted by the army, which was created by the military due to pressure from Western countries.

Source – The Hindu


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