Mass Emission Standards Notified for E12 and E15 Fuels

Mass Emission Standards Notified for E12 and E15 Fuels

Recently the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has notified the Mass Emission Standards for E12 and E15 fuels.

Comprehensive emission standards for E12 and E15 fuels have been notified under the Central Motor Vehicles (Twenty Fifth Amendment) Rules, 2021.

E12 is a 12% ethanol mixture in gasoline, and E15 is a 15% ethanol mixture in gasoline.

This will enable the automotive industry to manufacture E12 and E15 compliant motor vehicles.

Under this, stickers clearly indicating the vehicle’s compatibility for the level of ethanol mixture will be placed on the vehicle.

This is in line with India’s Ethanol Blending Programme, which has set a target of 20% ethanol blending in gasoline by 2023-24.

Different types of vehicles according to fuel

  • Mono-fuel vehicles, which are powered only by natural gas. These are also known as dedicated natural gas vehicles.
  • A bi-fuel vehicle is a vehicle that has two independent fuel systems (one of them for natural gas). In this the vehicle can be run on both the fuels.
  • FFV (Flex Fuel Vehicles: FFVs) is any motor vehicle (or motor vehicle engine) that is designed to operate on a mixture of two or more different fuels. FFVs are capable of operating on any mixture of up to 83% gasoline and ethanol.

Source – PIB

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