India’s Five-Point Agenda to Enhance Maritime Cooperation

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India’s Five-Point Agenda to Enhance Maritime Cooperation

India’s Five-Point Agenda to Enhance Maritime Cooperation

Recently, an open debate has been chaired by the Indian Prime Minister at the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) on the topic ‘Enhancing Maritime Security’.

After this, the Presidential Statement of India on ‘Maritime Security’ was passed by the United Nations Security Council.

Current challenges in the maritime sector:

  • Sea routes are the lifeline for international trade. But sea routes have been misused for piracy and terrorism.
  • There are disputes about the sea between many countries, as well as climate change, is also related to the maritime sector.

5 point agenda set by PM to enhance maritime cooperation:

  1. Removal of barriers to legitimate maritime trade.
  2. Peaceful settlement of maritime disputes in accordance with international law.
  3. Countering the threat posed by natural disasters and non-state actors (NSA).
  4. Conservation of marine resources.
  5. Promote responsible maritime connectivity.

India’s efforts to enhance maritime cooperation:

  • ‘SAGAR’ (Security and Growth for All in the Region- SAGAR).
  • Since 2008, the Indian Navy has been patrolling in the Indian Ocean to combat piracy.
  • White Shipping Information Fusion Center
  • Support for hydrographic and maritime security personnel training in several countries.
  • India’s ‘Deep Ocean Mission’.

Source – PIB

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