Mahavir Jayanti held on 25 April 2021

Mahavir Jayanti held on 25 April 2021

On the occasion of Mahavir Jayanti on 25th April 2021, the Prime Minister has greeted the countrymen.

He said that the message of Lord Mahavira teaches us peace and self-control. He also wished Lord Mahavira the best health of all.

According to the Gregorian calendar, Mahavir Jayanti is celebrated in the month of March or April. This time MahavirJayanti is celebrated on 25 April.

Key Facts

  • Mahavir Jayanti marks the birth of Vardhaman Mahavir. Vardhman Mahavir was the 24th and last Tirthankara of Jainism, before him the 23
  • Lord Mahavira was born on 13th day of Chaitramonth inKundagram / KundalpurVaishali, Bihar.
  • This festival is widely celebrated by the Jain community in memory of the last spiritual teacher of Jainism. The procession that accompanies the idol of Lord Mahavir on this festival is called ‘RathYatra’.
  • The idol of Lord Mahavir is anointed, remembering the Stavan or Jain prayers.

Lord Mahavira:

  • Lord Mahavira was born in Kundagram (Vaishali) in 540 BC to King Siddhartha and Queen Trishala.
  • His father Siddharth was the chieftain of the Jnatrika clan and mother Trishala was the sister of Licchavi king
  • Lord Mahavira is believed to belong to the Ikshvaku dynasty. His childhood name was Vardhamana which means ‘one who grows’.
  • At the age of 30, Lord Mahavira gave up the spiritual path by renouncing worldly fascination and at the age of 42 he attained the knowledge of Kaivalya under the Sal tree on the banks of the Rijupalika River.
  • Mahavira taught his disciples the Five Maha-vratas (Great Vows) Ahimsa (Non-violence), Satya(Truth), Asteya (not stealing), Brahmacharya (Celibacy/Chastity) and Aparigraha (Non-attachment/Non-possession) and his teachings were called ‘Jain Agam’.
  • He attained nirvana at the age of 72 in Pavapuri (Rajgir) of Bihar state in 468
  • The philosophy of Jainism is based on atheistic philosophical ideas. In Jainism there is no recognition of God while there is recognition of soul. Mahavira believed in rebirth and the doctrine of karma.
  • Jainism has the three jewels(Triratna)Right faith (Samyakdarshan), Right knowledge (Samyakjnana) andRight conduct (Samyakcharitra).
  • Prominent kings who believed in Jainism were Udayin, Chandragupta Maurya, Kalinga KingKharavel, Rashtrakuta king Amoghavarsha, Chandela ruler.
  • Mathura was a famous center of Jainism in the post-Mauryan era. Mathura art is related to Jainism. The Jain temples of Khajuraho were built by the Chandela rulers.

Source – PIB

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