Leprosy Mission Trust India Report

Leprosy Mission Trust India Report

According to a recent report, efforts have been made to detect cases associated with leprosy during the epidemic.

Leprosy Mission Trust India is the largest NGO focused on Leprosy in India.

The following are the major findings of one of its reports:

  • Four states because of the COVID-19 pandemic; Andhra Pradesh, Odisha, Bihar and Madhya Pradesh recorded a 62.5% drop in the detection of active leprosy cases. This decline has been observed between April and September 2020.
  • The proportion of women and children in new cases has come down by 70%.

About Leprosy (Hansen’s Disease):

  • It is a chronic infectious disease. The disease is caused by infection with the slow growing Mycobacterium leprae bacteria.
  • The disease mainly affects the skin, peripheral nerves, upper respiratory tract and mucosa of the eyes.
  • It can be treated with multidrug treatment. If treatment is started in the early stages of this disease, then the disability caused by this disease can be prevented.


  • The disease is transmitted through droplets from the patient’s nose and mouth when in close and frequent contact with untreated patients.
  • Globally, the highest numbers of cases of this disease are found in India.

Measures taken to eradicate Leprosy

  • National Leprosy Eradication Program is being operated.
  • Leprosy is screened under the National Child Health Program (RBSK) and Rashtriya Kishor 5 Health Program (RKSK). In addition, programs like comprehensive primary health care, Ayushman Bharat are also being conducted.
  • Leprosy awareness campaigns named “Sparsh” are also being run.

Source – The Hindu

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