Law panel to examine Simultaneous Elections

Law panel to examine Simultaneous Elections

Recently, the Law Commission committee will examine the possibility of holding simultaneous elections.

  • The Law Commission has been entrusted with the responsibility of preparing a workable roadmap and roadmap on the issue of holding simultaneous elections to Parliament and Legislative Assemblies.
  • Simultaneous elections means to organize the Indian election cycle in such a way that elections to the Lok Sabha and state assemblies are held simultaneously.
  • Under this arrangement, voters of a particular constituency vote for both the Lok Sabha and the state assembly on the same day.

Importance of simultaneous election

  • This will help the ruling parties to focus on governance instead of being in a constant election environment.
  • This will help in increasing the vote percentage.
  • By holding simultaneous elections, the huge expenditure of conducting separate elections can be reduced.
  • Timely implementation of government policies can be ensured. In addition, the administrative machinery can be engaged in developmental activities rather than electoral functions.

Concerns related to simultaneous elections-

  • Simultaneous elections affect the voter’s decision, as national issues and state issues are different.
  • This reduces the accountability of the government towards the people. This is because frequent elections have to make politicians go back to the electorate. This increases the accountability of politicians towards the public.
  • There is also concern related to the election conduct process. For example, if the ruling party/coalition loses majority before the completion of 5 years, how can all the elections be held together in such a situation.
  • This can create a hindrance in the life of the common man.
  • Operation of essential services may be affected.

Source – The Hindu

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