‘Kabini river system is in grave danger’

‘Kabini river system is in grave danger’

Recently algae blooms have become a threat to the Kabani (or Kabini) river ecosystem.

The Kabani or Kapila originates from the Wayanad district of Kerala. It flows in the east direction. It is a major tributary of river Kaveri.

Algae bloom or sea bloom refers to the rapid increase in the number of algae in an aquatic system.

Algae are microorganisms that grow naturally in aquatic bodies. They have characteristics of both plants and animals.

Algae bloom occurs when a combination of environmental conditions suitable for abundant algae growth is present. These conditions include increased nutrient growth, high temperatures, abundant light and stable air conditions.

There are thousands of species of algae. Most of these are beneficial. Of these, only a few are capable of producing toxins or causing other harmful effects.

Source – The Hindu

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