ISRO’s “NETRA”: Early Warning System

ISRO’s “NETRA”: Early Warning System

  • The Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) is further improving the monitoring of space debris.
  • ISRO has launched a project called “Network for Objects Tracking and Analysis” (NETRA). With the help of this, ISRO is building the capability to monitor orbital debris. NETRA is an advance warning system to detect orbital debris and other threats threatening Indian satellites.
  • At present, ISRO has multi-object tracking radar at Sriharikota, but its capability is limited.

A look at space debris monitoring by ISRO:

  • Under this, tracking radar and an optical telescope will be installed to track space debris up to a range of 1,500 km.
  • This radar will be capable of detecting and tracking debris of size 10 cm and above. This radar will be designed and made in the country itself.

Space debris:

It refers to artificial objects or their fragments or debris left in the orbit of the earth by humans. These include unusable satellites, detachable parts from rockets and pieces from spacecraft, etc. Currently, there are about 20,000 objects in low-Earth orbit, including satellites and space debris.

This debris proves to be dangerous due to the following reasons –

  • They can pose a threat to operational satellites and spacecraft.
  • It could hit the space station.
  • In addition, when the risk of collision with debris is very high, it will also be difficult to pass through Earth’s orbit.
  • Other objects in space, including orbital debris, are monitored with the help of radar and optical telescopes. They are installed at a suitable place on the earth.

Source- The Hindu

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