Interoperable Criminal Justice System (ICJS) Project Approved

Interoperable Criminal Justice System (ICJS) Project Approved

Recently the government has approved the implementation of the “Interoperable Criminal Justice System” (ICJS) project.

The Interoperable Criminal Justice System (ICJS) project is a central sector scheme. The Ministry of Home Affairs has approved the implementation of the second phase of the project. This phase will be applicable for the period from the year 2022-23 to the year 2025-26.

The project is an initiative of the Supreme Court’s e-Committee. It enables seamless transfer of data and information between different systems of the criminal justice system.

The ICJS project is a national forum. The platform enables integration of information technology systems used for the delivery of criminal justice in the country. This platform is used to implement criminal justice in the country through the following five pillars

  • Police (Crime and Criminal Surveillance & Network Systems),
  • E-forensics,
  • E-court,
  • E-Prosecution for Public Prosecutors and
  • E-Jail.

The second phase of the project is structured on the principle of “one data one entry”. Under this data is entered only once in a column. Later it is available in all other columns.

Under Phase I, individual IT systems were implemented and made stable. It enabled the discovery of records.

The National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), in collaboration with the National Informatics Centre, will be responsible for the implementation of the project. For this, he will also take the cooperation of the states and union territories.

Significance of the project:

  • This project will make the justice delivery system quick and transparent.
  • It will strengthen smart policing. This includes empowering citizens, investigative agencies and policy makers.

About e-Committee of Supreme Court

  • The e-Samiti is the governing body overseeing the e-Court project. It has been conceptualized under the National Policy and Action Plan-2005 for the Implementation of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in the Indian Judiciary.
  • E-Courts are a pan-India project for transformation of the judicial system of the country by ICT competent courts.

Source – The Hindu

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