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International Day of Light

International Day of Light

  • International Day of Light is celebrated annually by UNESCO on 16th
  • The main purpose of observing this day is to give importance to the role of light in science, art, culture, education, medicine, communication, energy and sustainable development.
  • In the year 2021, International Day of Light is celebrated with the theme “Trust Science”.

Why May 16 for International Day of Light?

  • In fact, the first successful operation was done in the year 1960 via LASER. This day has been chosen to mark this.
  • It may be noted that this successful laser operation was carried out on 16 May 1960 by an engineer and physicist Theodore Mammon.
  • On November 7, 1917, the 39th General Assembly of UNESCO announced the International Day of Light.

Goals of International Day of Light

  • To develop an understanding of the importance of light-based technologies in daily life and to promote the importance of lighting technologies.
  • Creating activities that target science for young people.
  • To highlight the link between light, art and culture.

Light pollution

  • Lighting technologies are growing rapidly in the world. Due to this, some harmful effects have also come to the fore; they cause a lot of trouble especially for the birds.
  • Therefore, we must use lighting technologies very carefully for sustainable development. There is an increase in light pollution mainly due to urbanization.
  • Common light pollution includes light trespass, excess light, glare, light clutter.

Source: Indian Express

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