Intergovernmental Negotiation Framework

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Intergovernmental Negotiation Framework

Despite the implementation of the Intergovernmental negotiation framework, the United Nations Security Council has failed to act effectively on the issue of international security and peace.

Key points:

  • India’s permanent representative in the United Nations, T.S.Tirumurti, has said that the Inter-Governmental Dialogue (IGN) Framework has been implemented for nearly 13 years, but even after that, the UNSC is not able to effectively address international security and peace issues.
  • The main reason for the UNSC not being able to function effectively is the lack of inclusivity in it.

Intergovernmental Negotiations Framework

  • The Intergovernmental negotiations framework is a group of nations working under the United Nations to improve the United Nations Security Council.
  • It discusses various aspects of reform in UNSC, including categories of membership of this council, issue of veto, representation of various geographical areas, size of council, etc.
  • It is formed by different international organizations, including the G-4 nations (India, Brazil, Japan and Germany).These countries support each other for a seat in the UNSC.

Source – The Hindu

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