Draft Integrated Plant Nutrition Management Bill 2022

Draft Integrated Plant Nutrition Management Bill 2022

Recently the government has introduced the draft “Integrated Plant Nutrition Management” (IPNM) Bill 2022.

The Bill has the following objectives:

  • It aims to promote the development and sustainable use of balanced fertilizers. This includes development of bio-fertilizers, bio-stimulators, nano-fertilizers and organic fertilizers.
  • This will help maintain India’s food and nutritional security without adversely affecting the quality of the environment and soil health.
  • To simplify the process of manufacturing, production, distribution and price management of fertilizers. This will improve the ease of doing business. Also, research and innovation in high yielding and climate smart farming systems will be encouraged.

Salient Features of the Bill

  • Integrated Plant Nutrition Management Authority will be set up. This authority will be entrusted with the task of regulating the registration of fertilizer manufacturers, laying down technical standards with regard to the quality of fertilizers, etc.
  • The central government can fix the maximum price of fertilizers. This will ensure equitable distribution of fertilizers and their availability at reasonable prices.
  • No person may manufacture, sell, import or market fertilizers for sale without obtaining proper registration.
  • By making rules, the central government can determine the manner of transporting fertilizers from one state to another.
  • All imports of fertilizers will be regulated.

Concerns about the bill:

  • It tries to regulate all fertilizers. It also includes traditionally used fertilizers like “Amritpani”. The move could create discontent among traditional farming communities.
  • Placing certain provisions of Fertilizer Control Order (FCO) and Fertilizer Movement Order (FMO) will create confusion. It will hinder innovation. This is also likely to bring back the license and inspector raj in the fertilizer sector.

Source – The Hindu

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