Indian Space Association (ISpA) launched

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Indian Space Association (ISpA) launched

Recently the Prime Minister has launched the Indian Space Association (ISpA).

ISpA is a private industry body to help promote space technology in India.

The founding members of ISPA include One Web, Bharti Airtel, Map My India etc.

It will act as an independent and single-point agency to enable the space sector to open up to start-ups and the private sector.

It will work towards establishing global connectivity for the Indian space industry to attract significant technology and investment and create more highly skilled jobs.

It will work on policy issues related to space technology and allied sectors.

Space exploration improvements, through ISpA, are based on four pillars:

  1. Freedom to innovate in the private sector.
  2. Acting as a promoter by the government.
  3. Preparing the next generation for the future of the space industry.
  4. Ensuring that the space sector is used as a common resource for the progress of humanity.

Measures taken in the past to promote the private sector:

Indian National Space Promotion and Authorization Centre: IN-SPACe: It is a single-point interface between the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) and private companies.

New Space India Limited (NSIL): It is a commercial arm of ISRO.

The Space Activities Bill, 2017 has been drafted

Antrix: It is the marketing arm of ISRO.

Private participation in space activities is expected to increase India’s share in the global space market. It is noteworthy that at present India’s share in the global space market is only 2%.

Source – The Hindu

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