Indian Railways First dynamic freshwater aquarium tunnel

Indian Railways First dynamic freshwater aquarium tunnel

Recently, Indian Railways has established the country’s First Movable Freshwater Tunnel Aquarium at Bangalore Railway Station.

Key points:

  • ‘Bangalore City Railway Station’ also known as ‘Krantiveer Sangoli Rayanna Railway Station’ has become the first railway station in India to have built a movable freshwater tunnel aquarium.
  • It has been constructed by Indian Railway Station Development Corporation Limited (IRSDC) in association with HNI Aquatic Kingdom.
  • This aquarium is a one of its kind aquatic park based on the concept of Amazon River of South America.
  • At twelve feet in length, it is the first Paludarium aquarium with numerous flora and fauna that includes both terrestrial and aquatic elements.
  • It is the habitat of various aquatic animals such as alligator gar ranging, sharks, stingrays, lobsters, snails and shrimps etc. The aquarium is adorned with natural rocks and driftwood, as well as pieces of artificial coral reefs.
  • This railway station has been built at a cost of Rs2 crore with the aim of making the passengers comfortable. However, it also aims to improve revenue earnings for the Indian Railways.

Source – The Hindu

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