Indian Navy’s P-75I submarine project that France has pulled out of

Indian Navy’s P-75I submarine project that France has pulled out of

France’s Naval Group has rejected the Indian Navy’s bid for the P-75 India (0-75I) project. According to the group, the project does not use an Air-Independent Propulsion (AIP) system.

AIP is a technology used in conventional i.e. non-nuclear submarines.

A conventional submarine with AIP technology can stay underwater for a much longer period (about 15 days) than normal diesel-electric submarines.

Be aware that the P-75I is part of a 30-year submarine building plan. This scheme will end in the year 2030.

The plan aims to build 24 conventional submarines by 2030 (now reduced to 18).

India is expected to have the following submarines upon completion of the 30-year project:

  • 6 diesel-electric submarines,
  • 6 AIP-powered submarines, and
  • Six nuclear attack submarines (to be built).

Project-75 involves the construction of six Scorpene (diesel-electric) design submarines. Four of these, Kalvari, Khanderi, Karanj and Vela have already been handed over to the Navy and commissioned.

The other two submarines are: INS Vagir and INS Vagshir.

Scorpene submarines can perform a variety of missions. These include: anti-sea surface warfare, anti-submarine warfare, intelligence gathering, mine laying, area surveillance, etc.

Source – The Hindu

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