Indian astronomers discovered another hot star

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Indian astronomers discovered another hot star

Indian astronomers discovered another hot star

Indian astronomers have recently detected one of the hottest stars and stars based on a supernova explosion.

A team of astrophysicists from the Aryabhatta Observational Science Research Institute (Arius), an autonomous institute based in the Department of Science and Technology, along with international collaborators, met in 2015 with a similar supernova SN 2015 DJ in the NSG 7371 galaxy of optical monitoring.

Only after monitoring this rare supernova explosion, a Wolf-Rayet star or WR star is detected.

This achievement of astronomers has recently been published in “The Astrophysical Journal”.

Scientists in their study found that the original star was a composite form of two stars – one of which was a massive WR star and the other star was less than the Sun in mass.They calculated the mass of the star that collapsed to form the supernovae as well as the geometry of its ejection.

Wolf-Rayet stars or WR stars

  • This star is one of the hottest stars.Their outer hydrogen envelope which is associated with the fusion of Helium and other elements in the massive core.
  • Astronomers have long been skeptical about how rare Wolf-Rayet stars are about a thousand times brighter than the Sun.
  • Monitoring this type of massive supernova explosion would give more information to scientists about these rare Wolf-Rayet stars, which had remained a puzzle to them until now.

Supernova explosion

  • Supernovas are highly energetic explosions that occur in the universe, emitting large amounts of energy.
  • They also help in the calculation of giant stars, as well as long-term monitoring of these explosions and supernovas help in understanding the nature and elements of the exploding star.
  • Aryabhatta Observational Science Research Institute (Arius) is an autonomous institute located in Nainital.

Source – Ministry of Science and Technology

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