India Learning Poverty Jumps Up To 70% after Pandemic

India Learning Poverty Jumps Up To 70% after Pandemic

According to the World Bank, learning poverty has increased in India.

According to the World Bank’s Global Director for Education Jaime Saavedra, India learning poverty has increased from 54% to 70%.

Learning Poverty refers to the percentage of 10-year-olds who cannot read and understand a simple story.

Indicators of Learning Poverty:

  • the concept of schooling and learning at the end of primary education,
  • School enrollment in order of reading proficiency and reporting process for Sustainable Development Goal 4. The World Bank has also set a global target, to support efforts to improve basic education.

The goal is: to cut the learning poverty rate by at least half by 2030.

Possible measures to reduce learning power:

  • At the time of establishment of a new school, the target of increasing the re-enrolment of children in the school should be fixed.
  • Children should be assessed regularly to know their ability to learn.
  • Priority should be given to teaching basic education to children.
  • To increase catch-up learning, teachers should be supported to group students based on their learning level rather than their age and class level.
  • Bridging the digital divide requires investments in connectivity software, tools and teacher professional development.

Measures taken by the government to reduce learning power:

  • New Education Policy 2020: The target has been set to acquire basic literacy, and numerical knowledge by all students by class 3. This target is to be achieved by the year 2025.
  • National Initiative for Proficiency in Reading Comprehension and Numeracy (NIPUN India) Programme: It is a national mission on Foundational Literacy and Numeracy (FLN). Its objective is to ensure universal realization of FLN. This will enable every child to achieve the desired ability to learn reading, writing and arithmetic by the year 2026-27 at the end of Class 3 and by Class 5.

Source – The Hindu

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