India China relations

India China Relations 

Recently, China has made it clear to India that its new land boundary law will not affect existing border treaties.

  • Following a new maritime boundary law to control the entry of foreign ships into the South China Sea, China has passed a new land border law. This new land-limit law will come into effect from January 1, 2022.
  • It sets out the responsibilities of various agencies, from the military to local authorities, to guard the borders in China. It empowers the state to undertake tasks such as improving public services and infrastructure along the border for overall border security and economic and social development.
  • China shares its terrestrial border with 14 countries including India. China has the third longest border with India after Mongolia and Russia.
  • Boundary agreements with India and Bhutan are yet to be finalized by China. The India-China border dispute pertains to the 3,488-km-long border of the Line of Actual Control (LAC).
  • Recently, India had expressed concern over China’s new law. India feels that this law may affect existing bilateral agreements on the management of the border and the question of the overall boundary.
  • The law could formalize some of China’s recent activities in disputed areas with India and Bhutan. This includes deployment of Chinese forces on Indian borders and several violations along the LAC.

Dragon’s sphere of influence:

India’s 3,488-km-long border with China extends from the India-China-Myanmar Tri-Confluence in the east to the Karakoram Dar in the west. There are historical hotspots here.

Source – The Hindu

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