India and France organize bilateral exercise Varuna 2021

India and France organize bilateral exercise Varuna 2021

Recently the 19th edition of the ‘Varuna-2021’ naval exercise between India and France has been held on 25 April.

It may be noted that the ‘Varuna-2021’ naval exercise was conducted in the Arabian Sea, which lasted from 25 April to 27 April.

Key Points

  • In the ‘Varuna’ exercise, the Indian Navy is led by Rear Admiral Ajay Kochhar and the French Navy is led by Rear Admiral Marc Aussedat.
  • In this exercise, from the Indian side, the aircraft carrier INS Vikramaditya, destroyer INS Mumbai, the Teg-class frigate, INS Tarkash, the Shishumar- class submarine, INS Shankul, and the Deepak- class fleet tanker, INS Deepak, have participated.
  • In this exercise on behalf of the French Navy, the aircraft carrier FNS Charles de Gaulle, two destroyers, FNSF orbin and FNS Provence, the frigate FNS Latouche-Treville, the tanker FNS Marne and a nuclear submarine and the Command and supply ship, ‘Var’ have participated.


During this exercise, high-level naval operations at sea have witnessed advanced air defense and anti-submarine exercises, intensive fixed and rotary wing flying operations, tactical maneuvers, surface and anti air weapon firing, underway replenishment operations.

Objectives of Varuna Naval Exercise between India and France:

  • Through the exercise of Varuna, the navies of both the countries try to enhance their combat skills by showcasing their war skills.
  • Varuna-21 will enhance bilateral relations between the two countries as well as establish coordination between navies, thereby promoting peace, security and stability in the maritime sector.

Other Exercise

Other military exercises that take place between Indo-France are Desert Knight-21 and Garuda (Air Force Exercise) and Shakti (Army Exercise).

Source – PIB

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