Increase in violence against women

Increase in violence against women

According to a recently released United Nations research paper, there has been an increase in violence against women in Asia and the Pacific during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The pandemic has fueled violence against women in two ways:

  • Intimate partner violence and digital violence.
  • The burden of unpaid care work on women has also increased due to the pandemic.

Reasons for increase in violence against women

Increased exposure to criminals (lockdowns, closure of schools etc.); additional stress of the epidemic; Lack of access to support, protection and legal services; Stigma of reporting violence etc.

UN research paper recommendations to address violence against women during COVID-19

  • To assist women victims of violence and to designate women’s health services as ‘essential’.
  • Expanding the shelter capacity by reusing unused buildings.
  • To address the feeling of stigma and other barriers to reporting violence.
  • Developing innovative ways to report violence.
  • To provide information and communication technology (ICT) skill training to women.
  • Encouraging partnerships between governments, civil society organizations and international organizations.

Some Important Initiatives Launched in India during the Pandemic

  • Stand Up Against Violence mobile app has been launched to help women against domestic violence.
  • Red Dot Initiative: When a woman is threatened with violence in her home, it uses a sign to distinguish it. The Uttar Pradesh Police has designated a hotline (run by women officers) for domestic violence victims.

Source – The Hindu

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