Importance of Mock Test Paper For UPSC Prelims

Importance of Mock Test Paper

Some candidates invest 10 to 12 hours daily in their IAS preparation. They follow a very good routine but only a few of them make it to the final list. They don’t lack dedication, discipline or revision but the strategy definitely is culpable in these cases. Lack of practice is the main reason behind the slow growth in the preparation process. All that you are missing from your preparation strategy is to solve the good mock test series.

Many aspirants avoid or postpone attempting mock test series before exams. That is why they are unsure of their level of preparation and the areas they need to improve. Undoubtedly, mock test series play a crucial role in the entire civil service exam journey.

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Why candidates should take UPSC prelims mock test

UPSC exam unlike other competitive exams in the country. Just knowledge is not adequate to succeed in the UPSC civil service exam. Candidates should be acquainted with the kind of questions asked in the actual exam. They must be aware of tricks on how to avoid negative marking and how to increase the possibility of marking right answers. Candidates need to practice the right mock test series to obtain that edge. By practicing regular mock test series they can develop these skills.

Practice makes a man perfect

When you solve mock test series you make more mistakes in these tests but there are higher chances that you would not repeat these mistakes in the actual exam. With the passage of time by solving mock test series and even lifting your performance you will get fantastic results.

Test series not only help you analyze your level of preparation frequently but also gives the right exposure and let’s know the areas where you have to put more effort to clear the exam.

When we practice for a long time our work becomes skillful, natural, Swift and steady.

Get Familiar with the exam pattern

The exam pattern of the UPSC exam keeps changing frequently and breaks the trend every year which makes the candidates’ jobs tougher. Hence, it is necessary to reorient your strategy due to the dynamic pattern of the UPSC exam and the changing needs of the exam in recent years.

Youth Destination IAS academy has years of expertise in decoding the changing exam pattern. Youth Destination institute has meticulously structured its test series with in-depth coverage of the syllabus and along with vast experience in UPSC preparation. This is to make sure that students can tackle the different aspects of the paper and be ready with all the necessary skills that are required to crack the UPSC exam. Candidates will be able to cope with any surprise that UPSC throws at them.

To develop speed and accuracy

There are a lot of interviews where previous year toppers claim that they missed only two questions in the Prelims exam and they don’t make their name in the mains exam, what about final rank? So it can be concluded that appearing in the mock test series program is inevitable because the UPSC exam is so unpredictable that even toppers also don’t know the answer to all questions correctly. Only by going through the mock test series, you can sail through the UPSC examination.

It is not that UPSC picks up the question in the IAS exam directly from the mock test series but by solving the mock test series you will develop that accuracy that is needed to get through the cutoff in the prelims exam.

Youth destination mock test series are scientifically designed in the exact pattern of actual IAS examination and help to master the art of elimination technique and other tricks to clear the examination. The more you solve the mock test series the more you will be prepared for the actual UPSC exam.

Help to overcome exam phobia

Exam phobia is cited as the biggest emotional reason for silly mistakes and weak performance in the examination. Therefore, practice is essential to ensure maximum comfort and minimal anxiety. The more often you solve practice test series the more natural you will feel the day of the actual one. You will have enough material to think about on that day. It is normal to feel nervous while preparing for the civil service exam. Anxiety would be quelled, the more test series you solve.

Hence, the best way to tackle your emotional stress is to practise mock test series in an exam-like situation. This will allow you to let go of your fear and make you more confident.

To fill the knowledge gaps

We have no idea what you don’t know. Therefore, practice tests come into play. Practice test results reveal the areas where you should repose your study efforts. The mock test series confirm that you are knowledgeable enough as you think you are or you need to step something more to finalize your strategy.

Time management skills

It is easy to lose track of time and enthusiasm due to the marathon-length exam procedure in UPSC. The exam is almost over when you are only halfway, therefore you will have limited time to complete the examination. Taking test series gives you a better feel for how long you should devote to each question in the Prelims exam. If you do not practice, there will be a lot of things out of control on the day of the actual task and timing should not be one of them.


The syllabus of the UPSC exam is so vast that revising all of it is a herculean task. Candidates need to revise it time and again. The prelims test series is an extended segment of that very revision process. Test yourself at regular intervals so that you can know how much you are returning after each revision otherwise, your all effort goes in vain.

Studying consistently on a regular basis helps write more information than those who undergo marathon study sessions. When you solve practice test series and review the result, it will stick with you in a unique way. Practice in the right mock test series will make it easier to retrieve exam details during the actual exam.

To avoid negative marking

Mock tests not only help in dealing with negative marking but also understand the dynamics of negative marking. By developing the skill of what to pick and what to skip. They will get skills giving their best to learn and understand the syllabus and its induct explanations. Once you learn the tricks and get familiar with the exam pattern and style of the question, you will be able to eliminate the chances of negative marking. Mock tests are the key to achieving these skills.


Consistency is the key to success in UPSC along with other competitive exams. By enrolling in the mock test series, you can keep that momentum alive. Test series not only allow you to get your level of preparation at regular intervals but also pursue to work on your strengths and weaknesses accordingly. Unarguably, consistency affects talent, good intentions, luck and even quality.

To know the progress

Reviewing the mock test is very important in this process. Mock tests help to track your progress and it is a great way to understand which strategies are working for you and which should be skipped. The right practice test series identifies the problematic areas and you can devote more time to these areas by discovering your strengths and weaknesses.

Improve confidence level and rank

Solving the right mock test series helps candidates to cover the whole syllabus and important topics efficiently. It also boosts the confidence level to go for the final exam as the test series are designed as per the need of the civil service exam.

Some students complain that they were not able to write answers in the exam hall while they knew the answer but when you practice well before the exam you will notice these questions. By practicing mock test series regularly data gets engraved permanently in your mind.

Mock test series are helpful in understanding the analysis of the exam, overcoming the exam fear, managing the strategy for the real exam, getting extra vital information, understanding strengths and weaknesses, improving score and rank, tackling uncertainty, developing speed and refinement of the thought process.

The basic Funda for success in the UPSC exam is to learn, revise, evaluate, improve and succeed.

Why youth destination mock test series

Youth Destination has designed test series scientifically covering the entire static and current portions of the exam to ensure improved learning outcomes and enhance the score of the candidates.

The mock test program helps candidates not only exhaustively cover all the standard sources but also step up their preparation. Having multiple revisions and getting personalized feedback, you will definitely come to the UPSC level.

Regularly try to pick up one mock test and solve it. After this, read all the solutions and highlight the important ones.

It will help you in memorizing the content and attempt appropriate number of questions

Making an intelligent guess is very important in the preliminary exam as it is an elimination exam.

Solve as many test series as possible to hone these skills and it will give you confidence. When you make mistakes in mock tests you will not repeat these mistakes in actual UPSC Prelims.

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