Importance of Clean Ganga Fund in conservation and rejuvenation of Ganga

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Importance of Clean Ganga Fund in conservation and rejuvenation of Ganga

Importance of Clean Ganga Fund in conservation and rejuvenation of Ganga

The Clean Ganga Fund began as an initiative by government to harness the enthusiasm of people for Ganga and to bring them closer to the river Ganga and inculcate a sense of ownership.

Recently, the success of this scheme has been praised by the Prime Minister. He said that many big organizations and common people are coming forward to contribute to the Ganga Fund. Some are contributing regularly and also with their pension, which strengthens our resolve in the mission to achieve the objective of clean and clean Ganga. ‘


  • It should be noted that since 2014, conservation and rejuvenation of Ganga River has been the priority of the Prime Minister. Under which the government implemented many important schemes for the development of Ganga.
  • Out of these, the main scheme of the government for cleaning Ganga is NamamiGange. The main objective of the government’s flagship program NamamiGange is to make Ganga clean and bring back its ancient glory.
  • The Ganges River is one of the major rivers of India, which has major challenges in its rejuvenation. The biggest challenge was the need for financial investment, so the government created a Clean Ganga Fund, in which everyone can contribute towards the cleanliness of the Ganges River.

Benefit of clean Ganga fund

  • The Clean Ganga Fund (CGF) was formed in January 2015 to clean Ganga.
  • Main objectives: The general public, private companies, government companies, overseas Indians (NRIs) and persons of Indian origin (PIOs), etc., can contribute to the Ganga cleanliness campaign.
  • People from abroad are also contributing towards Ganga conservation under the Clean Ganga Fund. According to the Ganga Swachhata Committee, by March 2021, a sum of Rs 453 crore has been deposited in the Clean Ganga Fund from which major projects are being operated.
  • These projects include Development of “GuariKund” near Kedarnath by the Uttarakhand Tourism Development Board, Treatment Works of 5 drains, Reconstruction of ghats and crematorium, Construction of Har Ki Pauri Complex in Haridwar and Afforestation in various areas.


This is a central sector scheme, it was started in the year 2014 with the aim of reducing pollution of river Ganga and making it clean. The scheme is being implemented by the Union Ministry of Water Resources, River Development and Ganga Rejuvenation.

Source – The Hindu

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