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Youth Destination IAS mock interview provides a similar experience to the real interview. Now let us consider what is an mock interview in UPSC. Mock interviews helps the candidate to prepare for the actual UPSC interview. In other words An aspirant faces a panel of professional experts that is helpful to keep away hesitation in the actual interview. The students get a chance to assess their performance. By taking a UPSC mock interview, Similarly they can easily know their weaknesses and strengths. UPSC Mock interview has 275 marks that are very important for final selection as total marks are calculated by adding the marks of written exam and interview. So therefore it is a must to perform well in the interview because it is added to the final merit and Similarly The interview for the IAS exam is also known as a personality test.

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The UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) mock interview is a practice interview session that simulates the actual interview conducted by the UPSC panel. It is a preparatory exercise that helps candidates to gain confidence and improve their interview skills for the actual UPSC interview.

The mock interview is usually conducted by experienced professionals or retired civil servants who have a good understanding of the UPSC interview process. The session involves a one-on-one interaction between the interviewer and the candidate, where the candidate is asked questions related to their educational background, work experience, current affairs, and other areas that may be relevant to the UPSC interview.

The mock interview is designed to replicate the actual UPSC interview as closely as possible. It helps the candidate to understand the interview process, identify areas where they need to improve, and receive feedback on their performance. The mock interview can also help the candidate to overcome nervousness and anxiety that they may experience during the actual interview.

After the mock interview, the interviewer provides feedback on the candidate’s performance, highlighting their strengths and weaknesses, and offering suggestions for improvement. The feedback can be invaluable for candidates, as it helps them to identify areas that need more attention, and work on them before the actual UPSC interview.

Aspirants should possess these specific qualities to crack mock interviews.

  1. To score good marks and In other words Aspirant need to be an intelligent and attractive personality
  2. He should be aware of social issues and well-versed in current affairs.
  3. Aspirants possess moral integrity
  4. UPSC Aspirants learn the manner to present themselves in front of the interview panel and to make a balanced judgment.
  5. A good IAS candidate possesses not only leadership qualities but also great communication skills.
  6. Similarly Aspirants should be able in quick decisions making and not be prejudiced.
  7. Above all he should have the ability to handle pressure.

What is mock interview options?

  1. When you practice mock interviews regularly then it helps to crack the real Civil Service interview. Use all the available resources for the best results.
  2. The best coaching institutes in Delhi like Youth Destination, provide mock interviews. The interview panel includes experts from different jobs and fields related to the civil service.
  3. These experienced and knowledgeable faculty members will help to recognize your strengths and weaknesses.
  4. You can take help from someone who has faced an IAS interview.
  5. Discuss current affairs with your peers, friends or in a group. This really helps the candidate before facing the actual interview and he will be acquainted with ongoing social activities in society.
  6. Therefore Reading different books, magazines and newspapers will also be beneficial.

Some general questions that are asked in Mock interviews

The reason why the aspirant decides to be an IAS officer

  1. About any current happening or topics in other words they can about latest current Affairs.
  2. The hobby, educational background, career choices, schooling of aspirant
  3. Districts, parks, schools, major political events in your city
  4. GST or other taxes
  5. The aspirant point of view about women reservation in the parliament and education sector
  6. How can we support women empowerment
  7. What is your preference IAS IPS or IFS?
  8. Any current events or happenings
  9. About the profession of an aspirant if he is already in a job.

The benefit of mock interview

  1. Mock interviews enable you to handle the pressure of a real interview.
  2. It helps in reducing stress and anxiety.
  3. You will feel the experience of a real UPSC interview.
  4. Candidate will get feedback from the skilled interviewer so that you can know if your answer was right or not.
  5. You will get a chance to prepare for an interview with less stress.
  6. The constructive feedback by the experienced panel will help to work on their shortcomings.
  7. Mock Interview UPSC works on your strength and it will help to boost your confidence.
  8. UPSC Aspirant will learn better body language.
  9. You get knowledge about the question that may be asked in the actual interview.
  10. You face the possible intensity of a real Civil Service interview.
  11. Mock interviews enhance the answering methodology in the actual interview civil service.
  12. You will be prepared for behavioral-based interview questions with the help of these mock interviews.


Implement the feedback properly after mock interviews. In Addition It will really help you to get the job of your dreams. Youth Destination provides personal mentorship to prepare for UPSC interviews and personal mentorship is the best way for study development. In Other words Our personal mentors help to improve in weak areas. We have trained thousands of aspirants to keep them on track of progress by solving their doubts and queries regularly.

In Conclusion, Regular practice will help you to achieve success. In other words Practice makes a man perfect. To achieve your goal, take regular mock interviews for UPSC and see the result & after that, Apply that in your real Interview.

Frequently Asked Question

  1. -For good results and sure selection
  2. -It helps to understand the psychology of the interviewer
  3. -You will get a chance to face subject matter experts, faculty members, retired bureaucrats and psychoanalyst
  4. -You will see an improvement in your body language and answering style.
  1. -It helps to build up your social and emotional quotient
  2. -Feedback by expert faculty helps you to face the actual interview.
  3. -You will get a summary of Civil Service interview’ questions.
  4. -Personal discussion with experts after mock -interview enhance your performance
  5. You will get current affair update by expert

IAS interview is of 275 marks, that is why it is considered a game-changer. Mock interview has critical importance as final merit contains the sum total of marks obtained in the mains exam and in the interview.

These mock interviews help the students to assess their strengths and weaknesses so that they can improve before the actual UPSC interview. They will give their best in the final interview by following this way.

  1. -Help in recognize strengths and weaknesses
  2. -Provide an environment like a real IAS interview
  3. -You will get an idea about the questions asked in an actual UPSC interview
  4. -Improve your answering style

An Interviewer looks for three qualities in a candidate: intelligence, integrity and energy. An interview is organized to check the overall personality, attitude, and awareness of the candidate rather than theoretical knowledge.

The main purpose of a UPSC interview is to check the suitability of a candidate for a career in civil service. These interviews are headed by unbiased observers.

UPSC interview is of 275 marks. No minimum qualifying marks are for the interview. An interview aims to check the intention, inspiration and motivation of aspirants towards civil service.

DAF is ‘Detailed Application Form’. It is filled by the students at the time of registration for the mains exam. It gives an idea of the record of an aspirant’s career. Interviewers can ask direct questions from candidates’ DAF.

Civil service is one of the most challenging jobs on earth. A Civil Servant is responsible for collecting revenue and general administration, maintaining law and order, policymaking, policy supervision and public fund supervision. He also handles the daily affairs of the government. That is why personality tests play an important role in the selection of an IAS officer. The interview board will select a person who is more sensitive towards the common public compared to being a genius.

The aim of the interview is to understand the ethical tendency, logical presentation, critical point of view, mental competence, aptitude, unbiased point of view, balanced judgment, social quotient, moral integrity, intellectual abilities, leadership skills, interest in social issues and women empowerment of a candidate.

The main examination is held to assess the candidates’ aptitude, knowledge and intelligence. But an interviewer checks how the candidate will work as a team leader. Can he successfully deal with the needs of common people? How sensitive he is towards the general public. All these things can be judged in a personality test.

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