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Hydrogen Round Table Conference

Hydrogen Round Table Conference

Recently, the Hydrogen Round Table Conference was organized by The Energy Forum (TEF) and the Federation of Indian Petroleum Industries (FIPI), under the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas. It aims to explore emerging hydrogen ecology and opportunities for cooperation and alliances.

Key Points:

  • This Hydrogen Roundtable titled “Hydrogen Economy- the Indian Dialogue-2021”.
  • The Hydrogen Round Table Conference is the first of its kind in which comprise a High-level Ministerial Session were held. It included well-known policy makers, experts, and heads of industry from different regions of the world.
  • The round table conference included 25 delegates from 15 countries, where the potential of hydrogen from many sources and its relevance in the national energy transition were discussed.

Hydrogen Economy:

  • Hydrogen economy is a proposed system of energy using hydrogen. It is an economical device by which hydrogen can be made from water using renewable sources such as wind and solar, to exclude fossil fuels from circulation and to limit global warming, and by its combustion, only water vapor is expelled into the atmosphere.
  • The current hydrocarbon economy relies mainly on petroleum and natural gas for heat and transport. Where burning of hydrocarbon fuels emits carbon dioxide and other pollutants, hydrogen is a better environmental option.

Source: PIB

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