Hul Diwas

Hul Diwas

Recently, the Prime Minister greeted “Hul Diwas” on June 30, remembering the sacrifices of tribals in the fight against the British colonial rule.

Santhal rebellion or ‘Hul’ meaning “revolution” (started in 1855, two years before the 1857 rebellion).

It was an “organised war against colonialism” led by the Santhals against myriad forms of oppression by the British and their allies.

Led by two brothers Sidhu and Kanhu, the rebellion saw the participation of more than 32 castes and communities.

The rebellion took place in the lush green Damin-i-Koh region. ‘Damin-i-Koh’ means ‘the edge of the hills’. This area falls in present-day Jharkhand, specifically around the Rajmahal hills of Sahibganj district in eastern Jharkhand.

Every year, the state of Jharkhand celebrates 30 June as ‘Hul Diwas’, marking the beginning of the rebellion, although some historical accounts place it in the first week of July.     

Source – PIB

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